Food & Beverages

Food Court

Chief architect
Nagaraj S
Hospitality | F & B
Chennai | West Mambalam
90 days
execution team
Coffee House @ Mount Road
1200 Sq.ft


As architects, we are experts in colour, texture and lighting which are very important in top restaurant designs  . Artiature is one of the best interior design firm in India.


Food courts have become a common hangout space for enticing food lovers, bloggers, IT professionals and a variety of groups besides just families and college students . Food court by Coffeehouse is a spectacular dine out space with its unique interiors designed by one of the best architects in Chennai. Each kiosk design is conceptualized with individual QSR brands function and style.

The foodcourt’s common seating area receives an unique false ceiling made of geometrical wooden lattice in contrast with red background. The interior lighting is kept warm in most of the zones. The space is free of air-conditioning and it's not glazed, thus keeping the air a step closer to sustainability. The cafe is designed to sell products that would receive all categories  of customers. The idea was to design a food court with a variety of food in a very limited space that would be inviting for all economic standards of people. 


The Grand Baker is one of the bakery kiosk in the food court which derives its style from a modified honey comb pattern. The concept was to accommodate varied sizes of bakery products and yet provide a special space for each product. The shelves were highlighted with diagonal spot lights to add dimension to the shelves. The portal is made of ply cladded with laminate beading strips to achieve the curved profile. The colours were carefully chosen to bring out a mixture of  subtle gradient. The cakes and pastries receive light both from the portal bottom and from the glass display counter.

"Your design got us permission to place the game at Sathyam cinemas lobby. Since three long years, It was on a draggy discussion. Thanks team Artiature for that. It is of large importance to me "
Veloce Amusements | Blur - Sathyam Cinemas
"You guys are amazing and fabulous. Such a fantastic team you people are, Dosart is really happy to be associated with you. Clean execution from the start till hand over. You guys rock, reach great heights, flourish, grow more. Many more to come. Love you guys"
Dosart | Chennai | Coimbatore | Vellore
"Team Artiature, the store has come very good. Received lots of appreciation. All the credits goes to you "
Coffee House @ Mountroad | teynampet | Westmambalam | T. Nagar
"Super good feel for the office the way we have done it... so ya credits to you folks"

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