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Coffee House | Teynampet

Chief architect
Saranya N S
Hospitality | F & B
Chennai | Teynampet
90 days
execution team
Coffee House @ Mount Road
808 Sq.ft

Coffee House@Mount Road | Teynampet

As architects, we are experts in colour, texture and lighting which are very important in top restaurant designs  . Artiature is one of the best interior design firm in India.


Coffee House @ Mount Road is a brand that has been prevalent in Chennai for around 30 years located on the mount road. This project is a franchise of coffee house @ Mount Road located in Teynampet signal. The client wanted to uplift the brand image by in the interiors, but at the same time maintaining a normal profile which will attract all kinds of customers.


Keeping this in mind, the space is designed with function as the core component. Emphasis is given on display area. The display area has backlit LED posters on top, cup-shaped geometric shelves on the wall and display counters in the front. High ceiling is cladded with ACP sheets of wooden texture with track lights to highlight the items displayed. The colour palate is of  various shades of brown - derived from coffee.


Coffee house @ Mount Road is a combination of snack bar, cafe and a QSR model. It's a complex mixture of variety of functions together. The circulation model drives people in a sequence - Billing to product delivery. One of the basic criteria of a QSR design is smooth transition of services which is achieved in this design. The idea is to design a simple and functional café  to match the price category of the products being sold.  The shelves are made of ply and laminate. Flooring is of grey monochrome  vitrified tile. Display counters are made of a combination of finger joint wood, aluminium and glass.  

"Your design got us permission to place the game at Sathyam cinemas lobby. Since three long years, It was on a draggy discussion. Thanks team Artiature for that. It is of large importance to me "
Veloce Amusements | Blur - Sathyam Cinemas
"You guys are amazing and fabulous. Such a fantastic team you people are, Dosart is really happy to be associated with you. Clean execution from the start till hand over. You guys rock, reach great heights, flourish, grow more. Many more to come. Love you guys"
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"Team Artiature, the store has come very good. Received lots of appreciation. All the credits goes to you "
Coffee House @ Mountroad | teynampet | Westmambalam | T. Nagar
"Super good feel for the office the way we have done it... so ya credits to you folks"

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